Fuel Better

We’re on a mission to help you get the most out of your brain, body and life. So, we supercharged nature’s foremost human fuel in a drink!

Your Healthy Energy Drink

Powerful ketones in a bottle
One Elixir raises your blood ketone levels like one day of fasting, 1-2 mMol/L, in only ~15 minutes.
We only use the most essential ingredients. No esters or salts. No added sugar or artificial sweeteners. No dairy, gluten or soy.

Ketone Elixir contains a blend of pure, non-racemic ketones, including D-BHB. The ketones are completely bio-available and ready for use as fuel.

Each sip of an Elixir is effervescent, fruity and refreshing. Best served cold, these are ketones you’ll crave. Enjoy your Elixir by itself, with a cup of coffee or even in a cocktail!

We meant it when we said Ketone Elixir is 'Your Healthy Energy Drink" - it's healthy for you and your environment, too! We're proud that the ketones we use are the first to be derived from sugarcane AND they're carbon negative. Producing just 1g of D-BHB removes 4.4g of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Unleash ketosis at will

Experience the energy, cognitive and athletic boost of ketosis for up to 4 hours, within just 15 minutes of drinking KetoneElixir.*

* results may vary from person to person

How to use KetoneElixir

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Start your day fresh, energized and clear-headed.


Level out the midday slump. Stay sharp and focused all the way through.


Enjoy consistent, calm energy throughout your late nights.

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Fasting or keto diet

Drink KetoneElixir to suppress appetite, beat the ketoflu, or (ch)eat the occasional carb snack.

Before and after workout

Drink one serving 30 minutes before exercise to improve performance, and 30 minutes after to speed up recovery. Integrate with your usual workout nutrition.

For peak performance

Grab a clean pick-me-up when it’s time to really shine, whether it’s a marathon, tough board meeting, or a challenging creative project.

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