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Fuel your brain, body and life with Ketone Elixir, the next generation of exogenous ketones. One serving contains bioavailable ketones: nature’s cleanest, most efficient source of energy. Enjoy the boost and benefits of ketosis on any diet.

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Unleash ketosis at will

Experience the energy, cognitive and athletic boost of ketosis for up to 4 hours, within just 15 minutes of drinking KetoneElixir.*

* results may vary from person to person

All of your questions answered

How do I use Ketone Elixir?
Whenever you need an efficient energy boost! Take an Elixir to start your day, level out the midday slump or fuel a late night. You can also take an Elixir before an important performance such as a meeting, marathon or challenging project.
How is it different from stimulants?
Coffee and stimulants, as well as fast-releasing carbs (e.g. sugars) give you an immediate energy boost with subsequent crash. Ketone Elixir, on the other hand, gives you smooth, sustained energy that lasts for up to 4 hours, without crashes.
Do ketones help with weight loss?
Ketones provide energy for your brain and body that can't be turned into fat. For most people, Ketone Elixir has an appetite suppressant effect. Use it as a tool to reduce cravings and commit to intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet.
What’s your shipping and return policy?
We ship free to the USA and Canada, for any order size. If you want Ketone Elixir sent to another country, please send us a note at
Do you offer bulk discounts or other deals?
Yes! We welcome distribution partnerships, and also sell our pure D-BHB to other ketone product manufacturers. You also have opportunity to save on Ketone Elixir products, AND make $ through our referral program. Contact us to learn more!

6 reviews for Ketone Elixir

  1. azntcadmn (verified owner)

    Great product.

  2. AaronP2334

    I really liked the Ketone Elixir! I was very alert and I felt very focused. I decided to skip my adderall and I didn’t need it which is pretty phenomenal.

    Drank my elixir first thing, got the kids off and was compelled to go work out, which I did. I’m sold!

  3. Tyler

    Works extremely well on my longer runs

    I saved that other one for before my mountain bike ride to check endurance and it was a great boost. Very noticeable. Can’t wait to test on recovery and fasting

    Feel like it helps keep my HR lower for longer runs at a faster pace. Not sure if there’s any science backing to that?

  4. JasonCh

    I had an elixir before my mountain bike ride to check endurance and it was a great boost. Very noticeable. Can’t wait to test on recovery and fasting.

  5. Good product

    5 star

  6. Don N

    Have enjoyed the product, tastes surprising good!

    Used as a meal replacement and hopefully burning calories after the holidays….

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