Ketones 101

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You run on four fuel sources


Snappy sugary fuel for your body and mind, mostly available as glucose. They need constant replenishment and cause swings in energy.


Your body’s building blocks, which also provide quick energy in cases of extreme exertion and starvation.


When needed, fatty acids provide some slow-burning energy to your body, but not your brain. Most are stored as triglycerides.


When there’s no glucose left and fat doesn’t cut it, your liver turns triglycerides into ketones: explosive yet steady fuel for your body and brain.

Ketones in a nutshell


Ketones are evolution’s ultimate survival fuel. They came about in the good ol’ caveman days, when our predecessors went many days without food.


Today, getting ketones involves rigorous keto dieting, fasting or drinking exogenous ketones.


Ketone Elixir is a new class of exogenous ketones. It is both powerful AND delicious, delivering pure ketones in your body's original molecular format.

Why do you need exogenous ketones?

Ketones are hard to make

Your body wants to hoard energy. It will burn readily available carbs and conserve fat. So, it’ll only produce ketones when it feels you’re about to starve.

That’s how the intermittent fasting and carb-restrictive diets work: they trick your body into thinking it's starving so it burns fat and makes ketones.

Ketones are energy

Ketones really are a super fuel. Because they can't be turned into fat, ketones are simply clean energy for our brains & bodies.

Ketone energy is:

  • Healthy
  • Efficient & powerful
  • Calm & steady

Unleash ketones on demand

Drinking just one Ketone Elixir gives you a robust energy boost in ~15-30 minutes. Now, you can harness the power of ketones whenever, wherever.

These are powerful ketones you'll crave. Enjoy your Elixir by itself, with a cup of coffee or even in a cocktail!

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